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For comfortable, safe, and reliable detoxification and healing from addiction, we recommend joining our rehab in West Hollywood as soon as possible. West Hollywood Addiction Treatment Center offers personalized detox and residential treatment in a state-of-the-art facility.

How rehab works

The rehabilitation process will take you through four phases:

  1. In-depth clinical evaluation during intake – The intake process comes first, consisting of in-depth physical, mental, and medical evaluation. Our professionals will assess your condition, gather critical data about your medical history, co-occurring disorders, and addiction condition, and create a personalized treatment plan. It is one of the procedures that separate us from one-size-fits-all rehabilitation centers, following a rigid structure with little-to-no flexibility and innovation.
  2. Medical detox and dual diagnosis treatment – The detoxification process goes hand in hand with the dual diagnosis treatment, providing physical and psychological detox, as well as emotional and spiritual stability. We use medication, therapy, and counseling to cleanse your body of toxins, stabilize your nervous system and behavior, and prepare you for upcoming treatment programs.
  3. Residential treatment – The residential treatment is the core component of the rehab journey, offering security, control, and professional medical and psychiatric assistance. The program places you in a home-like environment, where our professionals can supervise the rehabilitation treatment 24/7 to ensure the procedure’s safety and effectiveness. Our residential treatment consists of medication management, individual and group therapy, recreational therapies, counseling sessions, and continuous support and assistance to ensure a comfortable rehabilitation.
  4. Outpatient programs – Our rehab in West Hollywood doesn’t offer outpatient services, but we can make arrangements in this regard if our experts consider you require them. Outpatient programs like IOP, PHP, and Alumni are ideal for individuals who lack a supportive environment to return to after rehab and require extended medical and therapeutic support. We have several high-profile institutions that we partner with, providing personalized outpatient services for smooth and sustained sobriety and healing post-rehab.

How to handle drug and alcohol addiction at home

There are no safe and effective ways of coping with your addiction on your own. You will most likely face severe withdrawal, relapse, and self-medicating your condition generally does more harm than good. As an addiction victim looking for a way out, you need to seek professional medical and psychiatric assistance as soon as possible. Our facility offers the ideal recovery environment, providing a safe, comfortable, and non-judgmental setting for you to heal at your own pace.

At our rehab in West Hollywood, we offer:

  • Targeted medication to control the withdrawal, minimize cravings, and cleanse your body of any substance-related toxins
  • Psychiatric assistance to cope with mental and emotional trauma
  • Counseling for dealing with stress, anger, traumatic memories, and behavioral issues
  • Guidance and support for building a healthier and self-sustainable lifestyle post-rehab, etc.

If you’re interested in our rehabilitation and recovery services, we recommend contacting our center immediately! You can speak to a rehab professional at West Hollywood Addiction Treatment Center, discuss your situation, fears, and expectations, and we will take it from there. Call, quit your addiction, and start a new chapter in your life today!

Rehab West Hollywood

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Rehab West Hollywood

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