Inpatient Rehab West Hollywood

West Hollywood Addiction Treatment Center is a leading inpatient rehab in West Hollywood with luxury accommodations, modern amenities, and advanced treatment programs. Here are the top six benefits of choosing our inpatient rehab:

1. Focus on underlying mental health issues

Without addressing addiction’s causes, the recovering addict may still be at risk of relapse. To prevent this, we focus on identifying and treating the underlying trauma or mental health problems. Our holistic approach to treating addiction heals the mind, body, and soul to prepare patients for a sober and fulfilling life post-rehab.

2. Accredited and experienced staff

With an experienced and dedicated team of RNs, physicians, mental health experts, therapists, and social workers, our West Hollywood drug and alcohol rehab helps patients overcome their behavioral problems and co-occurring mental disorders. The clinical staff at our rehab creates customized treatment plans and motivates and encourages patients consistently towards sobriety. Moreover, we offer around-the-clock addiction care and personalized attention to each patient in recovery and ensure that they achieve their recovery goals.

3. High success rate

Our West Hollywood drug rehab center has the lowest relapse and drop-out rates, with more than 95% of our patients completing their program successfully. With a compassionate clinical staff team to support you in every stage of your recovery journey, we make you feel at home in our resort-like facility. Using a combination of medical detox, counseling, and evidence-based therapies, we reduce the pain and discomfort you experience in the recovery process and ensure a safe and successful recovery.

4. Customized 1-on-1 therapies

We are among the few drug rehab and nearby alcohol rehabs in West Hollywood to design customized treatment plans for each patient in recovery. Unlike other drug rehabs, we do not follow a one-size-fits-all approach to help our patients overcome their behavioral and mental health conditions. Our team of clinicians conducts comprehensive physical and mental health screening for each patient during intake, creating customized healing programs for sustainable results. 

5. Vocational support and holistic approach

We understand how unemployment can trigger relapse in recovering addicts, especially in the initial couple of months of their transition from a rehab center to the real world. We offer vocational support, job training and help them in finding a job. We also use experiential or holistic therapies like nutrition, physical exercise, meditation, etc., to help patients attain improved physical and emotional wellness.

6. Evidence-based programs

As a pioneer drug rehabilitation center in West Hollywood, we use evidence-based behavioral modalities like cognitive behavioral therapy, biofeedback, dialectical behavioral therapy, etc. We also use these therapies to help patients learn essential coping mechanisms and communication and interpersonal skills to lead a sober, healthy, and gratifying life after rehab.

Your journey towards a sober tomorrow is just a phone call away. Get in touch with West Hollywood Addiction Treatment Center at 855-969-9234 for a free consultation. We are a premier inpatient rehab in West Hollywood with the best staff, evidence-based treatments and therapies, and customized recovery programs.

Inpatient Rehab West Hollywood

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Inpatient Rehab West Hollywood

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